Energy in motion

How do I start Aikido?


Who can train Aikido?

Almost anyone - young, old or in between - can train, though you should to be around 10 years old before you begin. And you do not need to be in great physical shape when you begin.

Physical strength is a great advantage in the more traditional martial-arts like Jujutsu, karate and similar. It is not so in Aikido, where other aspects are in focus. This does not mean that you won't get your pulse up or not sweat during your Aikido training sessions!

The great physical shape will come all by itself!

How do I start?

If you would like to see what Aikido is all about, then feel free to come by our dojo (training room) at Skinderskovhallen . Our dojo is situated on the first floor. We train there every Tuesday and Thursday. Look here for the exact times.

You can come by to look or participate without any obligations to sign up for membership.

When we train, we wear a training uniform called a "gi". It is made out of a white, thick cotton top, a pair of white cotton trousers and a white belt. We will gladly help you buying a gi, and you should expect it to cost about DKR 300-400. But the first few times you can just use a normal training suit or similar loose clothing.

When you have trained Aikido for a while you get to wear a "hakama". These are some quite special black pants, but you will get more info on that when you are ready.

We train with bare feet, so you should wear some shoes from the dressing room to the dojo. You must not wear any kind of jewelry during training, because it can hurt you and others.

What does it cost to be a member?

See our membership fees here.

What do I get from my fees?

Besides the normal training, you get subsidies when participating in training camps, you get a training license and you get 15 to 20% discount on gi's and hakama's and much more.

Any questions? Then feel free to contact us or call at +45 4825 0757.