Energy in motion


In Aikido you do not train according to a certain syllabus. Rather the training is based on developing the skills of the individual aikidoka (aikido student).

When the time is right each aikidoka will be graduated.

In Aikido graduation is not a goal in itself. It is much more important to train, understand and live with your Aikido, and therefore Aikido does not have colored belts like other styles. Only white and black belts are used.


Kyu grades (student grades) - White Belt

6. kyu The beginning grade
5. kyu 5. kyu is usally achived after a season - 1 year's training.
4. til 1. kyu The following student grades


Dan grades ("master" grades) - Black Belt

1. dan The first master grade
2. to 8. dan The following master grades. Highest graduated in Europe is currently 5. dan.